[Performance Workshop] ila & Salty Xi Jie Ng: your room inside my room inside yours and mine


Join artists ila & Salty Xi Jie Ng in an intimate performative workshop as they explore some ideas of memories, mortality, lineage, embodied knowledge in objects, as well as personal and collective mythologies found in their joint work your room inside my room inside yours and mine.

What can embodied knowledge carried within personally historical objects teach us about our relationship with memory and mortality?

How are these objects residues within personal and collective mythologies?

What is the relationship between time, speculation and agency?

Studying lineage through personal and collective histories, this room space reflects on familial oral history across time, inviting visitors to inhabit an energetic space of constellational objects within a cosmos of interweaving recollection and forgetfulness. A performance posits live bodies as memory vessels that carry generational narratives. The room space creates several openings to experience the energy body for speculative familial past and futures thriving beyond linearity.

The workshop would be structured in the following sequence:

1. Performance by the artists
2. Closed group sharing of memories and objects by the participants
3. Reflection and discussion of the workshop materials

*Please note that the performance may involve partial nudity, viewer discretion is advised. Rating TBC.

About the Exhibition

An exploration of the entanglements between reality, representation, and discourse, facilitated by the moving image, ON/OFF/SCREEN situates the screen, the ubiquitous and contemporary mode of communication and transmission, as both a site of inquiry and departure.

Contemplating the porosity and possibilities of an expanded cinematic practice in contemporary image-making, this exhibition features works from artists whose inter-disciplinary practices blur the formal and conceptual boundaries between performance, new media, and the moving image.

The eight featured artists are Piyarat Piyapongwiwat, Salty Xi Jie Ng, Lynette Quek, ila, Ashley Hi, Huijun Lu, Farizi Noorfauzi, and Jevon Chandra.

ON/OFF/SCREEN is curated by the Moving Picture Experiment Group (MPEG), an experimental art and curatorial collective comprising Alfonse Chiu, Adar Ng, and Dave Lim.

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Sat Feb 6, 2021
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM SGT
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Performance Workshop Admission FULL
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120A Prinsep Street Singapore

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